Introducing Team B-Line

B-Line Racing Kennels is home to 35 sled dogs. Learn a bit about our canine crew below. Join our team by sponsoring a dog ... it takes a community to raise a dog team!

Race Dogs



"Gertie-girl" is a big female with lots of power. She is a sweet, happy-go-lucky character who will run anywhere in the team. Gertie often runs with her sister Peggy, and they make a solid pair. Along with the YQ 2017, she has run the CB300 a couple of times, the Percy and the Gin Gin. Visitors to B-Line are drawn to Gertie's beautiful blue eyes and big smile.

Gertie is sponsored by Louise & Gary (owners of Gertie's daughter Kloot).



Peggy is a real gem on the team. She always looks like she’s having the time of her life no matter what she’s doing - running, eating or goofing around with her pals. Peggy runs swing often with her sister Gertie, but she’s been starting to run in lead this year as well. Peggy finished the Quest in 2017 and has run the Percy and a few other races as well. This girl is the mom to our most recent litter - the Trailer Park Boys.

Peggy is being sponsored by Marianne Peters and Deanna MacDonald.



Eldo is Mr. Reliable when it comes to leading the team down the trail – no matter what obstacle presents itself. As a two-year old he ran the Iditarod and in 2017 he ran lead for the majority of the Copper Basin and Yukon Quest. Eldo wants to be everyone’s best friend – dogs and humans alike! Every time we walk by this guy he tilts his head in a way that makes us have to stop for a head scratch or a hug. This trick also earns him a spot on the couch a lot of the time.

Eldo is sponsored by the Eldorado Hotel.



King is an excellent leader who has gained lots of experience in the past years. He finished the Yukon Quest and Iditarod in 2015 as a two year-old, and ran about 800 miles of the Quest in 2017. He's also finished numerous mid-distance races. King is a great cheerleader in the team, yipping and jumping when it's go-time. He has proven himself as a wise gee-haw leader when the going gets tough. King's a great snuggler both with humans, and with his best bud and neighbour, Eldo.

King is sponsored by Arlo Penrose (Mike Penrose & Stephenie Williams).



Chum is a serious powerhouse. He is a solid team member who never needs any extra attention. Chum just wants to please and always gives it 110%. Chum ran the 2017 YQ & the 2015 Iditarod (as a two-year old!), as well as the CB300, the Percy and the Gin Gin. We often have Chum run alongside the newbies to show them how to get the job done. In the dog yard, he will do anything to get your attention for a hug or butt scratch!

Chum is sponsored by Sandy Silver.



Sockeye is the little guy in the salmon litter, weighing only 45-50lbs. He is a bit of a late bloomer, and therefore has only run some shorter races in the last couple of years. Sockeye has shown us that even though he may not have the highest IQ, he has other valuable traits including awesome perseverance and great work ethic. He could definitely get an award for most improved!

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Shackleton is the definition of high energy. He is constantly harness banging and yipping at hook up time, or any time we stop for a few minutes. Unfortunately he is also an expert chewer – destroying neck lines and tug lines in seconds. For that reason, we started running him in lead a bit. We got Shack as a 5-year old – but unlike some dogs who take a while to fit in – he was instantly Mr. Cool in the yard. The ladies love Shack, and none of the boys try to mess with him. Shack started the Quest in 2017, but was dropped early on with a fluke injury. We are stoked to see Shack back in action this race season.

Shackleton is sponsored by Crystal Rose      from In Bloom Flowers.



Dante's nickname is Wild Child. This 7-year-old has more energy than he knows what to do with, but puts it to good use when the time is right. Dante never seems to get tired, and was a huge asset as a powerful wheel dog during the YQ 2017. He has run many mid-distance races as well. Dante is a ferocious eater that downs his meal in no time. He's pretty hilarious to be around, and we appreciate his craziness!

Click here to sponsor Dante for $300.



Snorri is one of our oldest girls at 71/2. She has run four 1000-mile races and a bunch of mid-distance races over the years. As a young girl, Snorri was a big-time fighter – and we had given her the nickname “the mangler”. Over the last few years, she has softened up, and now runs with the young dogs (we rarely hear her even growl anymore). Snorri hasn’t slowed down at all - still trotting along with a tight tugline and a smile on her face (her other nickname is “the Joker” because of her big goofy grin). Snorri loves to give kisses and nibble on Brian’s beard. She enjoys perfecting her nest of straw when camping which is pretty funny. Snorri’s training for retirement in some ways – she’s become a big fan of riding in the cab of the truck and sleeping in our bed!

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THOR – 7 1/2 YEARS


Thor is our gentle giant. He is an incredible leader who is eager to please and will pass by anything without hesitation. Thor has been known to drag his co-leader and team through deep overflow, past pet dogs, and many other dodgy situations, so we feel reassured when he’s up front. Unfortunately Thor had an injury during a race in 2015 that took him out of competition for a while. He has recovered and is back training for the 2018-19 race season. Thor has been running with his son, George and they make a very powerful (and handsome!) pair. He has gotten comfortable spending time on the couch as well, and has a fetish with hand-licking (yeah it’s kinda gross!). We are super happy to have Thor back in the team, especially to teach his offspring (the grandparents’ litter) a few things!

Click here to sponsor Thor for $300.



Secord is our little fireball! She is our smallest dog but makes up for her size in her energy level. Secord actually spent a couple of years as a pet with another family, because we thought she might be too small for the team. We were fortunate to bring her back to try her out last season, and we were blown away by her natural ability. Secord is a bigtime cheerleader, jumping and yipping when it’s time to go and getting the team riled up. Secord ran the Percy Junior and completed the trip to Old Crow, with lots of time in lead in 2018. We can’t wait to see her in action this race season!

Sponsored by Barb and Roy Stark.


George is just like his dad Thor, and is therefore our other gentle giant. He has been training in lead quite a bit this year, and is proving that he’s got what it takes. George works very hard and is kind of a teacher’s pet. He reeeally likes to be told he’s a good boy! We definitely don’t mind praising this big boy for his efforts.

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Irene is a hard-working gal who is a rising star at B-Line Kennels. Last season, Irene ("the mushing machine") ran lead in the Percy Junior, and made the 550 mile expedition trip to Old Crow. This year, she is running up front with the big dogs, and we have been impressed! Irene is from the grandparents litter (Thor/Gertie) - and these bunch are as quirky as they come. We are super excited to have her in our racing teams this season!

Sponsored by Ezra Penrose (Mike Penrose & Stephenie Williams).



Camilla is doing awesome this year, running in swing mostly and has tried leading a couple of times. She’s got a nice smooth gait and is always ready to keep trucking. Camilla’s such a sweet girl and has been known to curl up on our couch in the colder temps. Last year Camilla ran the Percy Junior and the expedition trip to Old Crow.

Camilla is sponsored by Mary Atkinson (Melissa's Mom).



“Myrtle the Turtle” is the most loveable little sled dog. She’s super calm at hook up time, and actually helps us get her harness and booties on.  Once that hook is pulled, Myrtle stays incredibly focused on the job at hand. In the yard, she never takes her eyes off what we’re doing. This sweet little thing surprises us once in a while when she takes on the job of being the fun-police when other dogs get too rowdy. It’s hilarious watching her play tough.

Myrtle is sponsored by Jeff and Lisa Schuyler.


Edwin aka Eddie is a bit smaller and stalkier than his brothers, Jose & Donny. He is more reserved but works extremely hard and will run anywhere in the team with great enthusiasm. Eddie is easy going and has lots of buds. He looks like an old pro already and we’re pumped to discover his true potential this season!

Click here to sponsor Edwin for $300.


2 1/2 YEARS

Donaldson and Jose are big boys with enormous strength. They are pretty well identical in appearance and attitude- it’s hard to tell them apart on the line. These brothers are probably the hardest drivers we have. Donny and Jose have been known to act tough around other males but are huge softies around people. Both get ecstatic at feeding time! We are excited to have the added power of Donny and Jose in the B-Line squad this year.

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for $300 each.



Smoak is an up and coming rock star in the kennel. She has been running in swing most of the time. Smoak has these skinny long legs that help her jump her way out of tangles easily. She’s always wagging her tail and happy to keep on trucking. Smoak’s a vocal little lady and has a squeaky bark/howl when she gets excited. She’s always down for a good snuggle, like her dad Eldo who she really resembles. We are looking forward to seeing Smoak perform this race season!

Sponsored by Jody Beaumont (owner of Smoak’s sister, Sophie).


The freak! This girl is has a hard time containing her excitement – and any other emotion she’s feeling really. It can be a chore putting her gear on and getting her in the truck – she really does her best to cooperate, but some dogs aren’t meant to stay still. Pillar is most happy once she’s running down the trail. She is a smooth trotter and is always ready to get moving again after a rest. Pillar has a loving spirit towards people but is also behaves awkwardly in this area – we are working on it! She certainly means well.

Click here to sponsor Pillar for $300.


Osuna is the smallest member of the Jay’s litter. She ran the Percy Junior in 2018, and is training with the rest of the main team this year. Osuna is super playful and loves burning around the yard on days off. She is definitely still a puppy at heart.

Click here to sponsor Osuna for $300 each.


Bamboo came to our kennel in 2014 and has since finished several mid-distance races, as well as the Yukon Quest in 2015. Bamboo’s bark is insanely loud and we always feel sorry for whoever her partner is in the team. She is mom to our Blue Jays’ litter, and many of them have inherited her hard-driving work ethic and awesome appetite.

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Cherry is built like her mom Camilla – long and leggy! She has been doing really well in training and is becoming a fast trotter. We are still trying to teach Cherry that it’s not okay to chew harnesses, but that’s really her only downfall. She’s super sweet, and has lots of pals in the yard.

Click here to sponsor Cherry for $100.

CHIP – 1 1/2 YEARS

Chip (“Mint Chip”) is super enthusiastic! He is the first one to start yipping when we stop for a quick rest. We’re really impressed with how professional he has been during his first camping trips this year.

Click here to sponsor Chip for $100 each.


Maple is training with the main team, but has moments where she reverts to her puppy-hood during runs. She’s such a happy dog, and is eager to please which is always a good quality for a sled dog. We think she’ll mature this season and will be rocking it in near the future.

​​Click here to sponsor Maple for $100.


Tiger is a big boy with lots of power. He has shown improvement in the last couple of months, and we are hopeful that he will be a main dog in future years.

Click here to sponsor Tiger for $100.


Milkshake is a promising yearling who is training alongside the main team this year. In his first few months of training, he’s doing great - working hard and happy to be running!

Sponsored by Faren Kienzler and Riley Brennan


We got Homer this past summer from another musher. He has a super smooth gait, and runs like he has years of experience. He is still warming up to some of our other dogs, but has become buds with Dante. They make an awesome duo!

​​Click here to sponsor Homer for $100.




Sponsored by Richard and Hannah.



Sponsored by Ryan McArthur and Sarah Beggs.


These 4 boys are monsters. We have never seen puppies eat the way these guys do – literally devouring a bowl of food in seconds. They are gigantic – we keep wondering when they are going to stop growing. They love to rough-house with one another. Ricky is definitely the rebel of the bunch and is an expert escape artist. Julian is the big softie! Mr.Leahy jumps (all-fours) straight in the air continuously throughout the day. Bubbles is the big, goofy, clumsy one who still trips over his own feet.

Click here to sponsor Julian or Mr. Leahy for $50 each.


We picked up Douggie this fall from another musher, and he has been fitting in well with the Trailer Park Boys. He loves to play, loves to eat and loves to BARK! He’s always been a bit smaller than the other boys – but he doesn’t get intimidated!

Click here to sponsor Douggie for $50.


VOLE - 11 1/2 YEARS

Anyone who is familiar with our kennel is familiar with Vole! This guy was our main superstar in his day. He was never dropped from a race! Vole ran 6 x 1000-mile races, and probably 10 or more mid-distance races.

These days Vole practically lives on the couch. He is the official tester for fresh dog house straw and regularly does his rounds to visit with his buds. When the team heads out on the trail, Vole plays with the puppies though he’s spent after 20 minutes or so.

Vole is sponsored by Dr. John Overell, Dawson Vet Clinic

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