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The fiesty girl! Pillar is the biggest female of the Jays' litter. She has a loud bark and can't get enough wrestling with her sisters.   Pillar loves to bounce up and down, and we hope that energy will translate when she gets in harness.  Pillar will be part of the puppy team this winter!


Scarlett was born in 2010 and came to us in 2014. She is a quirky girl, who gets a long well with everyone in the yard. Scarlett has proven herself as a great leader. She has finished the Yukon Quest twice as well as the 2015 Iditarod. We are excited to see Scarlett do her thing again this season.

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lang(sharkey x sierra)

Lang was born in 2010 and is part of the Peterborough litter (Sharkey x Sierra). Lang is a real character and adds major spark to the team. Runs in swing and can always be counted on to get the team hyped up. Lang has been caught on camera many times during previous races in mid-air. We are thrilled to have this little cheerleader on the team again this season. Lang has finished the Quest four times, the Iditarod, and close to a dozen other mid-distance races.

myrtle(gertie x thor)

Myrtle was the runt of the Grandparents' litter, born in June 2016. Myrtle may be small, but she is the smartest and sweetest one in her bunch.  We will see what she can do in harness later in the season.

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stoney(Sierra x Sharkey)

Stoney was born in 2010 and is from the Peterborough litter. His gentleness and intelligence reminds us of his dad, Sharkey who was one of our very best leaders. Stoney is very happy and his long legs allow him to rip around the yard. Stoney has finished the Yukon Quest, Iditarod  and many other mid-distance races.


OSUNA(bamboo x mr.t)

The smallest, but fastest of the Blue Jays pups. Osuna is an adorable little girl who is as quirky as they come. She's really starting to listen well and had an amazing first run on the puppy team.



Anything but silent! Mouse is Vole's brother who came to us in 2013  from Kleedehn lines.  A big dog, with a big appetite and a loud bark. Mouse has one of the smoothest gaits in the team and is a joy to watch work. He has finished strong in three 1000-mile races.



Shrew is Vole and Mouse's sister who has been a key member of team in many races including the Yukon Quest. She runs well anywhere in the team, and is a confident leader. Shrew is a great teacher to the younger dogs. There was a time when she was shy, but now follows us around everywhere telling us stories.


Another noisy one! Spike was born in 2008 and has run many long and mid distance races over the years.  Often she runs in swing, energizing the rest of the team. Spike is so agreeable that she gets along with even the bossiest of dogs.  A real weirdo like her siblings!


dONALDSON (bamboo x mr.t)

Donaldson, AKA Donny is the biggest pup in the Jays litter. He is almost identical to Jose except he has white socks. Donaldson impressed us on his first training run and will continue to take part in short fun-runs this season.



The freak! Vole is a small male who was born in 2008.  Vole has spent years as Brian's fearless main leader. We call him Vocal Vole-holio because he likes to talk. And he's a freak in that he sleeps sitting up! Vole finished the Quest four times, as well as the Iditarod in 2015. We have been privileged to have Vole training up the younger leaders to take over for him...though we are not counting him out for this upcoming season.


George(Gertie x Thor)

The only male in the Grandparents litter, George was born in June 2016. George is a gentle giant...very affectionate.  Eats like a horse! George will run on some fun-runs later this winter.

Tercel (Mr.T)

Reitred. Tercel is a very special dog who was born in the first litter of our own in 2008.   Mr.T has been leading since he was just 2, and really proved himself in back to back Quests  when he ran lead almost the entire race. T loves to play around with other dogs in the yard. This season, Tercel will take part in the puppy training and show them how the pros do it!


edwin (bamboo x mr.t)

Born in April 2016, Edwin is part of the Blue Jays' litter. An independent little guy who learned how to hop fences early on, and spent lots of time hanging with the big dogs. Edwin will be going on short training runs with his siblings over the winter!


smoak(bamboo x mr.t)

An energetic  girl from the Blue Jays litter, Smoak was born in April 2016. She is an energetic girl who loves to rip around the yard with her sisters. Smoak is always teasing the big dogs, though they don't seem to mind her. Smoak will be in puppy-training this season with her siblings.


sockeye(spike x Mr.T)

Sockeye was born in March 2013 with siblings, Chum and King. This loud little guy is as hyper as can be, and loves running and feeding time equally. Sockeye wasn't quite ready for racing a couple of years back, but he did run the Percy Junior last year. This year Sockeye is really stepping up and performing well in the team.


chum (spike x Mr.T)

Chum-chum, born in March 2013, is a happy boy who is always in for a snuggle. He's a big boy who is really eager to please. We have been really impressed with Chum's growth and progression in the last few years. Chum has run the Quest 300 and the Iditarod.


gertie(shrew x percy)

Gertie is Eldo's sister who has run the Copper Basin and Yukon Quest 300.  This long-legged, intelligent girl is one to watch. Gertie has a smooth gait and just loves to run. It is a pleasure to train her and see her do what she loves to do.

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Talon just joined the B-Line team this year and comes from Michelle and Ed. Talon has a nice smooth gait and adds good power to the team. He is happy,  affectionate and loving. We are very excited that Talon has joined the team.

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camilla(gertie x thor)

Camilla is also part of the Grandparents litter. She is Irene's partner is crime. Camilla likes to wrestle with her sisters and nibble at our gloves.  Camilla will get a chance to take part in some short fun runs later this season.

jOSE (bamboo x mr.t)

Born in April 2016, Jose is also part of the Jays' litter. He is the most affectionate of this litter and is very obedient. Jose is really tall and leggy. In his first training run he proved that he is a true natural iin harness, and we can't wait to see his full potential.



Irene is also from the Grandparents litter and was born in June 2016. She can be a bit of a rebel loves to find trouble with her sister Camilla.  Can't wait to see how she does when we take her out for some runs in a few months.

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Bamboo is a 5-year-old female with an insane amount of energy. She is sweet as pie, but when it comes to hook-up time she can be difficult to control. Bamboo is a very hard-driver with an amazing attitude and we feel super grateful to have her on the team. She has run a few mid-distance races in past years.

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ELDO(Shrew x Percy)

Eldo is another 4-year old who has quickly developed into one of our most reliable gee-haw leaders. He ran the Yukon Quest 300 and the Iditarod in 2015. Eldo is as sweet, obedient and easy-going as they come.

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TemUJIN AKA "Timmy"

Temugin, or Timmy as we call him, is Scarlett's brother and was born in 2010.  He is big and powerful and works extremely hard in the team. Timmy isn't known for being the brightest dog in the yard and makes us laugh with his goofy gimmicks!


Thor, born in 2010 is the brother of Snorri  and came to us from Gerry Willomitzer in 2014. Thor is a giant of a dog! Super powerful. He is also a great leader. Unfortunately Thor had an injury in the Quest in 2014, so has had some time off. This year he has been easing back into training, and we'll see if he is ready/able to race again as the season goes on.



Snorri came to us from Gerry Willomitzer in 2014. Born in 2010, Snorri runs in swing mostly, though also fills in as a leader. She adds good speed to the team. Snorri shows her affection by biting Brian's beard. We call her the joker because she has a wild grin. Snorri has finished the Yukon Quest and Iditarod.


The Wild Child! Dante is a 5-year-old male with more energy than he can contain. Feeding and hooking up Dante can be pretty challenging. He knows no patience! Once on the line, Dante works extremely hard. He is super loving and thoroughly enjoys a good pat-down. Dante hasn't done much racing, but we sure hope he makes the team this season.


Peggy (shrew x percy)

Peggy is also a sibling of Gertie and Eldo. This leggy goofball is a true spitfire. Although a bit crazy at times, she is quickly figuring out how to get down to business when the time comes. Peggy is in training for her first long distance race this season.



Brand new to the B-Line team, Shackelton is a 5-year old male who came to us this year from Hugh Neff. "Shack" adds good energy and power to the team. His easy-going and happy attitude has enabled him to fit right in with the rest of the crew!

King(spike x Mr.T)

King is a 4-year old leader who looks almost identical to his dad Mr. T.  He  is a hard driver with lots of energy, who surprised us by finishing both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod in 2015 as a two-year-old. King is a real "talker" and always makes us laugh with his unusual sound effects.

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